Articles in Volume 2 Issue 3

Case ReportCountry: Pakistan

Intraluminal Gist, A Rare Cause of Ileo-Ileal Intussusseption in an Elderly Male

Author(s): Muhammad Afzal Randhawa, Saba Kaynat, Hafsa Niaz, Tehseen Shahzad
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017043

Pages: 68 - 77

Research ArticleCountry: Canada

A Two Year Follow-up Study on the Success Rate of Dr. Poons Metabolic Diet Program

Author(s): Pat Poon
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017044

Pages: 78 - 84

Research ArticleCountry: Turkey

Evaluation of Hepatitis A and Isolated Anti-Hbc IgG Prevalences in A City of Eastern Anatolia

Author(s): Bilger Cavus, Mehmet Alagoz, Yakup Gurkan
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017045

Pages: 85 - 92

Research ArticleCountry: China

Polymorphism of CYP2C19 gene polymorphism in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease in Chongqing

Author(s): Yishu Tang, Yang Yang, Ru Wu, Miao Gao, Fang Cui
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017046

Pages: 93 - 98

Research ArticleCountry: USA

Potential Simultaneous Aortic and Mitral Valve Endocarditis in A Patient With Bio-Prosthetic Porcine Aortic Valve Replacement and Pacemaker Implantation

Author(s): Neilmegh Varada, Jonathan Quinonez, Andrew Sou, Jimmy Chua
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017047

Pages: 99 - 103

Short CommunicationCountry: Poland

Stimulation of Osteogenesis to Fight Osteoporosis

Author(s): Maciej Pawlikowski
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017048

Pages: 104 - 107

CommentaryCountry: Japan

Approaches to Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Nursing Point of View

Author(s): Yoshiyuki Nagaya, Mari Kaga
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017049

Pages: 108 - 112

Case ReportCountry: Morocco

Multi-Stage Pyocyanic Spondylodiscitis: A Case Report

Author(s): Ilyas El Kassimi, Adil Rkiouak, Salah-Eddine Hammi, Nawal Sahel, Oumama Jamal, Youssef Sekkach
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017050

Pages: 113 - 116