Articles in Volume 1 Issue 1

Research ArticleCountry: Republic of Macedonia

Potency of Enzymes from Renal Tubules as Biotracers in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Treat With Most Used Antirheumatic Drugs

Author(s): Dejan Spasovski
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017003

Pages: 20 - 31

Research ArticleCountry: United Kingdom

How Do Anthocyanins Affect Peripheral Blood Flow: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Eleanor Moore, Anna E Litwic, Peter Belward, Pat Taylor, David Warwick, Elaine Dennison
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017005

Pages: 48 - 58

Research ArticleCountry: Nigeria

Assessment of Thyroid Function Among Hypertensive Pregnant Women: A Cross Sectional Study from South Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Maduka Ignatius C, Dioka CE, Ekuma Okereke O and Ogbu ISI
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017006

Pages: 59 - 68

Research ArticleCountry: USA

Identification of Itch Mediators and Its Novel Pathway: Implications for Understanding Radiation-Induced Skin Effects

Author(s): Yuan-Hao Lee, Youping Sun
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017002

Pages: 9 - 19

Research ArticleCountry: Brazil

Minimal Detectable Amounts of Exogenous DNA after Systemic Cell Engraftment

Author(s): Daniel Rodrigo Marinowic, Daniele Vieira Da Silva, Alessandra Deise Sebben, Denise Cantarelli Machado, Jaderson Costa Da Costa
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017001

Pages: 1 - 8

Review ArticleCountry: India

Biochemistry and Pathophysiology of Glycation of DNA: Implications in Diabetes

Author(s): Rizwan Ahmad, Ashok Kumar Sah and Haseeb Ahsan
doi: 10.26502/acbr.5017004

Pages: 32 - 47