Articles in Volume 2 Issue 1

Research ArticleCountry: Turkey

Evaluation of Mean Thrombocyte Volumes in Asthma Patients During Acute Exacerbations and Stable Periods

Author(s): Uysal Dolap, Tuncer Tug, Suat Konuk
doi: 10.26502/acbr.50170034

Pages: 1 - 6

Research ArticleCountry: Turkey

Should All Scorpion Stings be Followed Up in the Intensive Care Unit?

Author(s): Ayse Sahin Tutak, Meral Celiker, Huseyin Avni Findiki, Bulent Karakaya, Atilla Tutak, Oznur Uluadag
doi: 10.26502/acbr.50170035

Pages: 7 - 14

Case ReportCountry: Italy

Placental Mesenchymal Dysplasia: Report of A Case and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Stefania Erra, Alessia Frigeri, Alessia Picozzi
doi: 10.26502/acbr.50170036

Pages: 15 - 20

Research ArticleCountry: USA

The Association Between Residential Proximity to A Major Roadway and the Prevalence of Environmentally Influenced Conditions

Author(s): Daniel C. Indorato
doi: 10.26502/acbr.50170037

Pages: 21 - 30

Case ReportCountry: Turkey

Atypical Recurrence Presentation of Pre-Transplant Period Multiple Myeloma: Multiple Intracranial Plasmacytomas With Intratumoral Hemorrhage

Author(s): Abdulkerim Yildiz, Fatih ?nci , Mustafa Köro?lu
doi: 10.26502/acbr.50170038

Pages: 31 - 35