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Polymorphism of CYP2C19 gene polymorphism in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease in Chongqing

Objective: To explore the distribution of drug metabolic enzymes CYP2C19 genetic polymorphism in coronary heart disease (CAD) patients of Chongqing.

Methods: We have done genotyping to 179 CAD patients taking clopidogrel by gene chip method, analyzed the distribution of genotype and metabotropic phenotype.

Results: In this study, a total of six different CYP2C19 genotypes and three metabotropic phenotypes were detected. The frequency of the homozygous extensive metabolizer phenotype was 32.96% (59/179), the heterozygous extensive metabolizer phenotype was 53.07% (95/179) and the poor metabolizers was 13.96% (25/179). Among the CAD patients in Chongqing, there is no significant statistical difference between these CYP2C19 genotypes and reports in other studies

Conclusion: The CYP2C9 gene existed genetic polymorphism in CAD patients in Chongqing, and the distributions of allele frequency and metabolic phenotype frequency are similar to other districts in China.


Yishu Tang, Yang Yang, Ru Wu, Miao Gao, Fang Cui

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